Raw HTML Form Importer for Gravity Forms
Featured on iThemes Training Plugin Roundup, March 2016

icon-128x128This is a passion project but I think it is also going to be useful for a lot of people.  Currently it only imports to Gravity Forms but I’ve already started working on integrating with Caldera Form sand Ninja Forms.  It is not a perfect import but makes its best guess at labels for all inputs.  It then gives the option to edit those labels before submitting the final import.

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Copy Logger and Highlighter

icon-128x128 (1)Have you ever wondered what content people might be copying from your website? Code snippets? Powerful statements? This tool logs everything copied on your website which you can then view in the admin panel. You can also, optionally, turn on highlights for users or just admins to see on the pages themselves. Finally, you can add a message or citation to anything copied. This way, when people paste your content, it can have an attribution.


Block & Disable All New User Registrations & Comments Completely

icon-128x128I have one website that must have some malicious back door in the theme or plugins.  I don’t use the site much and haven’t maintained it well but this is also not the first time I’ve had comments turned off and anyone can register turned of and STILL got flooded with spam accounts and (unapproved) comments littering my database.  This plugin removes the ability to register or comment completely, back doors and all.


WP Name Your Donation

wpnydI’ve had many clients that want a “donation box” on their WordPress sites.  It’s not too hard to go gather an example script from whatever merchant they use’s website.  But it can be when trying to plug it into WordPress.  I built this donation tool because the vast majority I saw available only let site owners pick set amounts their users would need to choose from. Why not let the choose pick the amount they want to give? I think this freedom is vital in a proper fund raising campaign so I decided to make it.


WP File Hide

wp-file-hideThis plugin came about when a client needed to have pdf’s that weren’t publicly listed but could be requested after a user submits some contact information. They also needed the link sent to the user to expire after a certain amount of time. So, here we have WP File Hide. You can upload files (PDFs, images, videos, etc.) and tag them as ‘filehide’ files. Then, using a shortcode you can list the files with checkboxes and whatever contact information you want to require. Email is always required so we can verify it’s a working email. When a user submits a request the plugin zips up the requested files, renames them and generates a random name for the zip. The zip file will be deleted after the set duration which is set by an admin in the settings page.


WP People Pop

icon-256x256WP People Pop came out of the need for a simple to use people listing plugin. I needed to list board members in one section of a client’s site then I needed to last staff for a certain department and so on. This plugin allows me to make these lists, customize them a bit yet keep a consistency throughout the website.

Once you add your people to the system you can build out your listing. Here you can customize size, float, colors and more with a live preview of how it will look. Once your list is created your will be given a short code to place on any page, post or widget through your system.