Notice: I’m insanely busy right now and haven’t had a chance to overhaul this page.  It’s been since late 2015 since I’ve updated it.  Hopefully I’ll have the time soon to get it current.

I’m a full time back end developer at Modern Tribe based in Sarasota, Florida.
I brought WP Campus’ first conference to the USFSM campus where I was Webmaster at the time.  I’m also on the WP Campus planning committee and set to speak at the first conference in July, 2016.
I originally moved to Sarasota to become the full time Webmaster for Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. Six years later they are still using the custom .NET CMS I built them and the same design. I doubled their pageviews over night when I originally launched the new design in 2007.
I have partnered up with the brothers behind Slick Remix, a provider of free and premium plugins.  My first contribution was adding new premium features to the Design Approval System.  I am now assisting in the development of a brand new Slick Remix plugin. (Pitmaster Club)
A customized vBulletin 5 setup.
This is a pet project of mine that picked up steam instantly after launch
I’m currently the Webmaster for the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee.
Five year client has left me responsible for digital marketing, design, development and even helping setup their network at their office.
I created this site in 2007 and sold 50% of it in 2014.

HBC Tools Android App
I built this forever ago to help me while I homebrew beer.  It’s a simple calculator and hop additions timer.  I has had nearly 15,000 downloads.
This is a passion project of mine.  I’ve probably dumped 200 hours into it at this point.  Building the Android app was a big time learning experience.

TapMap Android App
Currently only works in Florida.
An 8 year client still using the original logo I designed them. I built them a custom CMS which was used for half a decade before migrating to WordPress. and
I built both websites for Michael Franzese, the only man to ever walk away from the Mob.  He was a capo in the Columbo crime family and he’s even portrayed as a character in The Usual Suspects.  I also did his social media marketing for God the Father, the film documenting his life.