WordPress phpinfo() Version 16.3 – Click To Copy Plain Text

I’ve just released the latest version of my plugin to the WordPress repo.  You can now simply click a button to have a plain text version of the information copied to your clip board.  Paste into an email or support forum with ease and no crazy html or code getting included.

WordPress phpinfo()

What The F**k Are You Doing Wordfence?

I’m not even going to link to the blog post they put up recently, but I’m sure you can find it if you want.

So a dude bought some plugins and in those plugins snuck some links/urls to spam sites he owns.  Yes, it’s shady and awful practice.  Is it illegal? No.  Is it ok to call out the plugins so people ditch them? Absolutely.

But is it cool to post their full name a bunch of personal information and photos? FUCK NO.  That is entirely uncalled for and fucked up.

This guy isn’t pushing malware.  He’s not hacking your mainframe, bro.  He’s doing some sleezy back linking shit.  There is not a single thing about that which makes it appropriate for WF to put screen grabs of his LinkedIn profile on their post.

Wordfence is starting a witch hunt.  I remember when those got banned on Reddit and you know why? Because it’s wrong.  It can quickly escalate to mass harassment or worse. You don’t put up other people’s personal information on the web.  Period.

I am absolutely flabbergasted that they had the gaul to put up a blog post like that.

Vertically Align Elements Using CSS3 TranslateY

Saw an interesting post on reddit yesterday, it was in r/askreddit. The question was along the lines of “What question do you ask someone in your industry to immediately tell if they are faking it?” One of the higher voted comments was “How do you vertically align an element?” The answer was using transformY. I’ve seen a lot of methods that were ridiculous but it appears this is the common way to do it now. Using position you can set an element to 50% of it’s parents height but the axis is based on the top of the element. By adding a -50% transformY it will bump the element up so the middle is aligned to the middle of the parent. It’s beautiful!

This box is vertically aligned.
Can you tell?

<div class='tyex-container'>
<div class='tyex-valign'>
This box is vertically aligned.
Can you tell?
<style type='text/css'>
.tyex-container {
border:#ccc solid 1px;
.tyex-valign {
-webkit-transform:translateY(-50%); /* added prefixes, thanks @isotrope */