Remove the +Add New Category / Custom Taxonomy Link in WordPress

This post is more about custom taxonomies than it is adjusting category capabilities, but it’s  probably resolved the same way.   So i mention how I’d go about it after I explain what I’ve been doing.

I have a theme that has a custom post type called Members.  These members need to be attached to posts at the authors choice.  For instance, an admin is adding a new blog post.  There are three posts in the custom post type Members: John, Jack & Jill.  This post should be attached a Jill taxonomy/category.

I could solve this with a custom taxonomy, but I want the term options to be only what posts are made in Members.  Problem is, I don’t want the admin to be able to add new terms here.  So that big +Add New Category/Member link has to go.

I could do it with CSS but then someone smart could get around that.  I need it done server side.

Removing the Functionality

As far as I can tell there’s no filter to hook into and remove that feature.  It’s not an argument when registering a taxonomy so you can’t just re-register category or set it when creating a custom tax.

What you can set is what users are allowed to edit/add terms.  The long route would be creating a custom user role and assigning only them.  But I thought to myself, what would WordPress do if I just used a user role that doesn’t exists?  So I did this:

I set edit_terms and manage_terms to ‘god’ and voila! The option is gone!

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