SVN What?

I was so proud that my plugin got accepted into last night.  Now, I’m so lost on how to actually get it activated there.  But I’m working on it.

I just started using Git and tools associated.  I’ve figured out the repository system for the most part and mine are with BitBucket.  Wordpress requires you to use their repository which they call an SVN.  I guess SVN is a different kind of repository with features that allow better version tracking .. or something like that.  I’m still a bit lost.

So, after consulting with some dev friends I finally got this TortoiseGit system that I followed a few commands I found online and it seems to be doing something.  This little turtle is being thrown from an icon of earth into a folder.  And it’s taking forever.

My bit of reading indicates that when you do your first commit to activate your plugin, WordPress has to look through every single plugin in their system.  Why? I haven’t the foggiest, but hopefully after a few hours this turtle is completely in his folder and my plugin is active.

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