SiteGround Is Fucking Awesome

Here’s my first affiliate linking post thingy ever.  I want you to sign up for hosting with SiteGround and I want you to do it through my link so I get some referral money:

Now, let me tell you why I love these guys.

SSL Through Let’s Encryptlets-encrypt-siteground-one-click

I found out while poking around in my admin that I can install a FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with a click of a button.  Go to cPanel, scroll down to the Security section and hit the Let’s Encrypt icon.  Fuck yea.

WordPress Friendly

SiteGround is setup to work great with WordPress.  It has easy installs and is configured perfectly with all correct file permissions and so on.  I had five sites on my own server slice and they were constantly getting hacked.  I moved them over even with some shitty hacked up themes & plugins on a couple of them.  Haven’t been hacked a single time.


I had one issue with support that wasn’t very pleasant.  But when I replied with my frustration it was escalated to a higher support person and handled immediately and gracefully.

Easy Upgrades

I have five accounts with SiteGround for various clients and myself.  My primary job’s website had a huge surge in traffic.  Expanding memory temporarily was an easy click, done.

Beyond all these perks, the sites are fast and always up.  I’ve had 0 down time.  I can’t say enough about finally finding a host I’m going to stick with for everything.