WooCommerce Bulk Past Due Invoice Reminders

Once WooCommerce sends an invoice there’s no real way to send out mass invoice reminders unless you do them one at a time.  I needed something better than that.

Woo Deposits & Follow Up Emails

My company needed a way to have people pay for our more expensive products over four months.  I saw Woo Deposits had a payment plan capability so we bought it, installed it and I setup the plans.   I screwed up though.

It’s not clear unless you carefully read through the whole plugin description/FAQ that it invoices for each payment and does not do recurring charges.  I should have noticed this and made sure but I didn’t.

Well, we realized a couple months after turning on and we had around 50 unpaid invoices.  I installed Follow Up Emails and sadly it doesn’t have a way to invoice pending payments.

Some Code To Send Reminders

So here’s a function  you can run to resend the invoice to anyone who is pending payment.  I have the timestamp set to send 7 days after missed payment.

You won’t want to run this all the time so maybe set to a cron job every 7 days or so.


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